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What Agent Referral Members Are Saying

At first, I landed appointments for 2 expired listing totaling over $4M. Then I sent more letters and received 3 more listings. This system is really paying off.

Lisa Mclaughlin, Realhome Service & Solution

The system works! Started last Friday and I got 35 letters, got 2 calls, and one email. Doing CMA and meeting with homeowner this weekend.

Phil Donnellan Realtor

All I can say is…Whoa..I have to admit I was on the skeptic bus on this one..but you proved me wrong! I sent out 25 letters every day for two weeks and BOOOOM..I am swamped with requests. My Realtor partners are feeding like lion pride after a kill..I am glad I stuck it out. Thanks

Aaron Murrell Realtor